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Modern And

Professional Living Walls

We provideing Good Design Plant Walls at Affordable Prices

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Welcome to Green Wall Nursery

Greenwall is an ever growing nursery of greens. Landscaping, gardening is our forte. We have been in the big picture for a couple of years. We @ Greenwall, are in an ongoing process of constant change. With the growing environmental awareness, we @ Greenwall have striven to stay ahead of the competition. WE cater to a varied range of customers. Our clients are very pleased with ideas suggested by us.

Vertical Gardens

Our vertical gardens are a rage in town. We have put all our efforts to develop a system that allows you to cover any wall quickly and safely. We have extensive experience in the world of gardening and vertical projects that guarantee our system. We execute vertical gardens as much outside as inside for your garden, terrace, living room, offices. The benefits of introducing gardens on the facades are innumerable, The origin of the vertical system comes from studies of NASA to clean the air in cities... Read more

Environmental Benefits:
  • Inspiration
  • Air Purifiacation
  • Humidification of internal air
  • PSound Dissipation
  • Positive Psychological effect

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Green Wall Nursery( Vertical Garden Indoors as well Outdoors)

Address: Rh.No.1, Patil Nest.'C' Apartment,Survey No.65/3/1B, Near Navashya Ganpati,Aanandwali, Gangapur Road, Nashik.

Surat Office: 102, R L Park, Near Somnath Mahadeo Temple, Ichhanath, Surat.

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